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Course #1 - Lumbosacral Radiculopathy
  1. Sciatic Nerve Excursion During Nerve Mobilization Exercises
  2. Adding Forward Head Posture Corrective Exercises to the Management of Lumbosacral Radiculopathy – RCT
  3. Early Multimodal Rehab Following Lumbar Disc Surgery:  RCT Comparing Two Exercise Programs
  4. Importance of Pain Localization with Dejarine’s Triad when Assessing Nerve Root Compression
  5. MRI Findings as Effect Modifiers for LBP or Sciatica Patients – Systematic Review
  6. QUIZ
Course #2 - Pregnancy & Pediatrics 102
  1. Best Practices for Chiropractic Care of Children
  2. Chiropractic and Other Manual Therapies for Infants and Children: Adverse Events Literature Review
  3. Effects of Exercise & Kinesiotaping on Abdominal Recovery in Women after Caesarian Section
  4. Effect of SMT on Pelvic Floor Function in Pregnant & Non-Pregnant Women
  5. Exercise Level Before Pregnancy & the Risk of Pelvic Girdle Pain
  6. QUIZ
Course #3 - Acupuncture 102: Clinical Miscellaneous
  1. Acupoints – Narrative Literature Review )
  2. Acupuncture & Pain-Related Functional Connectivity of the Central Nervous System
  3. Acupuncture for Neck Disorders – Cochrane Review
  4. Effectiveness of Acupuncture for Musculoskeletal Disorders of the Extremities - Systematic Review
  5. Long-term Effect of Acupuncture for Migraine Prophylaxis – RCT
  6. QUIZ
Course #4 - Low Back Pain: Important Papers 101
  1. Chiropractic Care for Low Back Pain: Clinical Practice Guideline
  2. revention of Low Back Pain – Systematic Review & Meta-Analysis
  3. Clinical Benefits of SMT for Acute Low Back Pain – Systematic Review & Meta-Analysis
  4.  Effect of Sitting on Stability Balls on Low Back Pain & Disability
  5. Relationship Between Low Back Pain & Health-Related Quality of Life at 6 Months
  6. QUIZ
Course #5 - Contemporary Pain Research 102
  1. Recognition & Treatment of Central Sensitization in Chronic Pain Patients
  2. Clinical Biopsychosocial Assessment of Patients with Chronic Pain
  3. Neuropathic Pain – Pathophysiology & Clinical Factors
  4. Role of Spinal Manipulation in Modifying Central Sensitization
  5. Reduced Temporal Summation as a Mechanism of Pain Relief with Spinal Manipulation
  6. QUIZ
Course #6 - OPTIMa Systematic Reviews – Manual Medicine
  1. Clinical Practice Guidelines for the Non-Invasive Management of Low Back Pain – OPTIMa Systematic Review
  2. Management of Whiplash- or Neck-Associated Disorders – OPTIMa Systematic Review
  3. Exercise for Soft Tissue Injuries of the Lower Limb – OPTIMa Systematic Review
  4. Soft-Tissue Therapy for Musculoskeletal Disorders & Injuries of the Extremities – OPTIMa Systematic Review
  5. Clinical Practice Guidelines for the Management of Conditions Related to Traffic Collisions - OPTIMa Systematic Review
  6. QUIZ
Course #7 - LBP Diagnostics & Assessment 101
  1. Clinical Decision Rule for Patients with Acute LBP at Risk of Developing Chronic Pain
  2. Classification of Low Back Pain – Best-Evidence Diagnostic Rules
  3. Clinical Tests to Diagnose Lumbar Spondylolysis & Spondylolisthesis – Systematic Review
  4. Clinical Tests for Lumbar Instability – Validity & Applicability
  5. Prediction of Outcome in Patients with LBP - STarT Back Tool
  6. QUIZ
Course #8 - Clinical Care of Older Patients 102
  1. Best Practices for Chiropractic Care for Older Adults – Systematic Review & Consensus Update
  2. Effectiveness of Chiropractic Care to Improve Sensorimotor Function Associated with Falls Risk in Older People – RCT
  3. Effects of Nonpharmacological Interventions for Dizziness in Older Patients – Systematic Review
  4. Diagnosis & Management of Vertebral Compression Fractures
  5. Use of Chiropractic & Costs of Care for Older Medicare Patients with CLBP & Multiple Comorbidities
  6. QUIZ

Go to the first Course, proceed through the lessons and complete the quiz at the end. NOTE: a score of 100% is required to be issued with a certificate (you may re-attempt as often as needed).
If you wish, you can download the 1 Credit Certificate for that individual course using the navigation at the bottom. Then return to the Course Bundle through the sidebar navigation to complete the remaining courses in that Bundle.
To download the FINAL certificate for all 8 Courses all quizzes MUST BE COMPLETED. Use the left sidebar navigation to locate the Bundle title, click on it and the page that comes up lists all courses in that Bundle. At the bottom is a link to your FINAL certificate for the entire Bundle. NOTE: this final certificate will include the Bundle title (ex. 'BUNDLE 09 / 8 Courses / 8 Credits') as well as the titles of the Courses in the bundle.
You can also access your Certificates at any time using the 'MY CERTIFICATES' menu link in the left column of the courses work-space window.

BUNDLE 12 / 8 Courses / 8 Credits

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