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COURSE #1 - Cervical Spine Manipulation / Mobilization 101
  1. Central Nervous System Responses to Cervical Mobilization
  2. Cervical/Thoracic Spine Manipulation/Mobilization for Shoulder Conditions
  3. Chiropractic Care of Acute Mechanical Neck Pain
  4. Pain Pressure Threshold and Cervical Manipulation
  5. QUIZ
COURSE #2 - Foot & Ankle 101 Ankle Sprains, Foot Orthotics and Plantar Fasciitis
  1. Ankle Sprains and Balance Training
  2. Ankle Sprains and High School Balance Training Program
  3. Ankle Syndemosis Injuries – Diagnosis & Intervention
  4. Effect of Foot Posture, Foot Orthoses & Footwear on Lower Limb Muscle Activity
  5. Foot Orthotics & Night Splints for Plantar Fasciitis
  6. QUIZ
COURSE #3 - Headaches and Concussion
  1. Concussion in Sport – Position Statement
  2. Migraine Headaches and Acupuncture
  3. Tension-Type Headaches and Acupuncture
  4. Cervicogenic Headache and Cervical Flexion-Rotation Test
  5. Laser Acupuncture - Children and Headaches
  6. QUIZ
COURSE #4 - Low Back Pain and Mechanical Traction Decompression
  1. Low Back Pain and Mechanical Traction – Clinical Prediction Rule
  2. Low Back Pain With Or Without Sciatica and Traction
  3. Lumbar Disc Herniation Treatment with Traction, Laser and Ultrasound
  4. Mechanical Traction and LBP
  5. VAX-D Spinal Decompression for Chronic Low Back Pain
  6. QUIZ
COURSE #5 - Lower Extremity Rehabilitation 101
  1. ACL Injuries Rehabilitation Controversies
  2. Eccentric Exercise for Tendinopathy
  3. Gluteal Muscle Activation in Rehabilitation Exercises
  4. Hamstring Flexibility and Impact of Prior Exercise
  5. Hamstring Injury and Eccentric Overload Strength Training
  6. QUIZ
COURSE #6 - Modalities 101
  1. Pre-Manipulation Screening of the Cervical Spine with Dopler Velocimeter Imaging
  2. Ultrasound and Trapezius Trigger Points
  3. Ultrasound Stimulation of Myofascial Trigger Points
  4. Low-Level Laser Therapy and Eccentric Exercise for Achilles Tendinopathy
  5. Shock-Wave Therapy and Chronic Plantar Fasciitis
  6. QUIZ
COURSE #7 - Neurological Conditions in the Cervical Spine 101
  1. Cervical Myelopathy Pathophysiology
  2. Cervical Radiculopathy - Cervical Collar vs. Physiotherapy/Active Exercise
  3. Cervical Radiculopathy – Review of Tests
  4. Cervical Roots – Origin of Neck and Scapular Pain
  5. Forearm Pronation Weakness in C5/6 Radiculopathy
  6. Sensorimotor Disturbances in Neck Pain
  7. QUIZ
COURSE 8 - Sacroiliac Joint and Pelvis 101
  1. Posterior Pelvic Pain Provocation Test
  2. Pregnancy Pelvic Girdle Pain - Acupuncture and Stabilizing Exercises
  3. Sacral Insufficiency Fractures
  4. Sacroiliac Joint Pain
  5. Sacroiliac Joint Pain and Altered Lumbopelvic Muscle Recruitment
  6. SI Joint Tests – Systematic Review
  7. QUIZ

Go to the first Course, proceed through the lessons and complete the quiz at the end. NOTE: a score of 100% is required to be issued with a certificate (you may re-attempt as often as needed).

If you wish, you can download the 1 Credit Certificate for that individual course using the navigation at the bottom. Then return to the Course Bundle through the sidebar navigation to complete the remaining courses in that Bundle.
To download the FINAL certificate for all 8 Courses all quizzes MUST BE COMPLETED. Use the left sidebar navigation to locate the Bundle title, click on it and the page that comes up lists all courses in that Bundle. At the bottom is a link to your FINAL certificate for the entire Bundle. NOTE: this final certificate will include the Bundle title (ex. 'BUNDLE 09 / 8 Courses / 8 Credits') as well as the titles of the Courses in the bundle.
You can also access your Certificates at any time using the 'MY CERTIFICATES' menu link in the left column of the courses work-space window.

BUNDLE 01 / 8 Courses / 8 Credits

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