E- SEMINAR Presented by Dr. Demetry Assimakopoulos
10 hours of continuing education credit!

PRICE: $499

How does chronic pain begin?
What should you do differently with chronic pain patients?
How many types of chronic pain are there and how does this affect your diagnosis and the provision of chiropractic care?
Chronic Pain
Approximately 20-25% of the North American population suffers from chronic pain. Chronic pain poses a significant healthcare burden, utilizing billions of healthcare dollars every year. Allied healthcare professionals (including chiropractors) are now being called upon to help manage chronic pain, in an effort to ease the burden on our healthcare systems. Allied healthcare providers often find managing chronic pain in clinical practice onerous, draining, and frustrating, as these patients may not respond to treatment in an expected fashion. The goal of this course is to improve clinicians’ clinical skills in the diagnosis and management of patients with chronic pain. Clinicians will be empowered with necessary tools to assess and develop treatment plans for chronic pain patients, that can be immediately applied in clinical practice.
Topics include:
  • What is pain and what do we know about it?
  • Treatment of the whole person
  • History and physical examination considerations for chronic pain
  • Sensory examination overview and interpretation
Summary of chronic pain phenotypes:
  1. Nociceptive
  2. Inflammatory
  3. Peripheral Neuropathic
  4. Nociplastic
  5. Psycho-Emotional
In this E-Seminar, Dr. Assimakopoulos will bring you up to date on contemporary pain science, provide practical tools and advice and illuminate ‘Monday morning’ best practices to enhance your patient care for chronic pain!
Chiropractic Patient
This informative, on-demand E-Seminar features interactive quizzes and case vignettes to sharpen your clinical and diagnostic thought-processes!


  1. Discuss, understand, and apply a comprehensive evidence-based guide for the assessment, prognosis, and rehabilitation of chronic pain
  2. Use standard pain assessments in relation to clinical case studies
  3. Discuss, understand, and apply phenotyping of chronic pain, based on a synthesis of the current evidence
  4. Understand, describe, and apply the various chronic pain mechanisms
  5. Acknowledge the role other health care providers play in a supporting you and your chronic

PRICE: $499

About the Speaker
Dr. Demetry Assimakopoulos

Dr. Demetry Assimakopoulos
Dr. Assimakopoulos is one of chiropractic’s leading experts on the assessment and management of chronic pain. He graduated from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto, Canada in 2012. Since 2014, Dr. Demetry has been working as part of the interdisciplinary team at the University Health Network’s (UHN) Comprehensive Integrated Pain Program – Rehabilitation Pain Service (CIPP-RPS), located at the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute. This specialized, inter-disciplinary program functions to determine the best possible clinical pathways for individual patients.
Dr. Assimakopoulos was the first chiropractor to join the UHN RPS Program and has since started the very first Chiropractic Clinic in the hospital’s history. In addition, Dr. Demetry has begun teaching a course at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College (CMCC) in the Department of Graduate Studies on the topic of chronic pain diagnosis and management. Each graduate student also takes part in a 3-month rotation with Dr. Assimakopoulos at Toronto Rehab, where they are exposed to real-world, interdisciplinary management of chronic pain.
Dr. Demetry also treats chronic pain patients at the Pain and Wellness Centre in Maple (Ontario, Canada). The Pain and Wellness Centre houses Ontario’s only government-funded interdisciplinary pain program, and offers a spectrum of treatments for chronic pain, including chiropractic services, physical rehabilitation, naturopathy, healthy eating, lifestyle counseling, psychological counselling, mindfulness and meditation, pharmacological treatment, and interventional therapies.
Finally, Dr. Assimakopoulos teaches continuing education courses on the topic of chronic pain around the world, and has been a consistent and valued Research Reviewer for RRS Education for many years.

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