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First... log into the RRS site...... click on 'MY COURSES' in top menu tobring up the list of courses in your account...click on the title of the one you want to complete.

Once the e-Seminar Intro page comes up, go to the very first little blue arrow on the left and click on it. If you have to stop for any reason you can always come back to the same intro page and click on any of those little blue arrows to view that section.
When you sit through to the very end of the video, it will auto-advance to the next video. However, if you've watched past the 50% point, but the "lock" won't disappear from the navigation bar at the top right, you can either:
  • run it out to the very end which will trigger the next activity to load
  • go back to the main course intro page (from the menu, or the breadcrumb, or by clicking the back button) and click on that section to let it run
  • try refreshing the page
Once all sections are completed (including feedback form), you can go back to the Intro Page and navigate through all sections at your leisure.
E-Seminar Vignettes & Quizzes
Once you have answered all the questions in the drag and drop vignettes, it moves you on to the next section automatically. You can drag and drop until they are all correct as often as required.
If you are in the Multiple Choice questions quiz, you simply answer them all and click the button to proceed/submit etc. Up in the top right corner it shows the questions you answered correctly in 'Green' and the incorrect ones in 'Red'.
Then go back and correct the ones you may have answered incorrectly and keep doing that until it takes you forward to the next section.
NOTE: If you experience Internet connection or browser performance issues, simply log out, wait a while and then refresh your browser cache and log in to try again. These issues are rare and generally quite temporary in nature.
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