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"In my 25 years of practice, I would say that this course that you put together is the best CE course I have ever had the privilege of taking! Thanks for making it informative and bringing me up to date on the relevant emerging literature."
Dr. Jeff Tuling
"RRS Educations "Older & Bolder: Chiropractic Care for Healthy Aging" is an extensively researched, comprehensive, and detailed presentation that is timely and extremely polished. Highly recommended."
Dr. Gavin Steciuk
"Once again, a slam dunk for Dr. Thistle and his RRS e-seminar. An engaging, informative, high-quality presentation that provides clinical insight and wisdom for those of us in the trenches. Proud of your professionalism and commitment to our profession in Canada. Thanks for the audible guffaws from your blooper section! "
Dr. Judy Forrester (Chair, CCA Board)
"Just listened to the intro’ & pt #1 of your ‘Older & Bolder’ E-seminar. You are truly an amazing presenter & diligent fact finder. A real pleasure to listen to someone who speaks so well / clearly & does such a great job of organizing the topic(s) being discussed, plus definitely interesting material. Am excited to listen to the rest of the course. Thnx so much for what you do."
David J. Matheson, DC
“Several weeks after I had watched the stroke portion of  'Chiropractic Check Up From the Neck Up', one of my patients presented for an assessment of vertigo. I am beyond grateful I had so recently taken this course. It gave me the knowledge and skills to confidently recognize, assess, and appropriately handle an arterial condition that presented with stroke-like symptoms. The skills I obtained from this course helped prevent possibly devastating consequences for my patient, and for me and my practice. Many thanks to Dr. Thistle and the RRS Education team for the exceptional quality of educational resources they provide to our profession.”
Dr. Erin Dashney, Dundas, ON
The Health Centre Dundas
“Thank you, Shawn for a quality educational and enlightening e-seminar. I thoroughly enjoyed and found the seminar presentation and platform easy to navigate whenever my time permitted. Looking forward to your future endeavours. Keep up the good work!”
Dr. John Brooksbank DC FCCPOR
Chiropractic Health Care Centre
“It is always a pleasure to hear Shawn speak. He is engaging and relevant to everyday practice. I particularly appreciate his editorial clinical experience and opinions even if they did not necessarily jive with the research. Sometimes what we know to be effective in the clinic takes longer to be accepted by the research community, but perhaps this is how some research is started. I do prefer in person seminars as they are interactive and gets us out of the house so to speak, but this format definitely has advantages. To be able to come and go, rewind and review and rest as you need is a real great thing. As a rural practitioner this format is very practical and eliminates long travel and accommodation needs. The quality of this seminar easily compares to Shawn's live events and you will be way more likely to review this material than just a pile of handouts.”
Dr. Rick Smith
Creston, BC
"Dr. Thistle continues to accurately provide excellent up-to-date information on various topics. The timing of this seminar happened to fit very well as I was dealing with a vertigo patient. It is important to have excellent refreshing seminars because you may never know who will walk through your doors!”
Dr. Terah Wong D.C.
Total Rehabilitation & Chiropractic Care
“Dr. Thistle is an excellent presenter. I enjoyed this, my first seminar. I will be doing more as it is a very convenient way of learning. It also fits well with my busy practice, not to mention the down time it saves driving and the hotel expenses. Thank you!”
Dr. Suzanne L. Brown
“I have been in practice for 22 years and have always kept up on CE. I have attended various workshops/ seminars on similar subject material. Having you present this content using all the available research lends significant credibility to the subject matter. It also gives me tremendous confidence in incorporating this information into my practice and when discussing the current literature with my M.D. colleagues and other allied health practitioners.”
Dr. Christopher Tousignant
Fairview Chiropractic & Rehabilitation Clinic
“As a clinician who runs a multi-disciplinary clinic, I can always count on Dr. Thistle to expand my knowledge and skills in the most important areas of practice and fill the gaps. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed each and every seminar. Looking forward to the next one. Thanks again!”
Dr. Fabio Di Stefano
“Well done Shawn! The ‘Chiropractic Checkup from the Neck Up’ program delivered more clinical value than expected. If I take a course and learn one thing that I can use in practice right away, I'm happy. In this course, I learned six new applicable things just in the first section. The Treatment Consideration section is very well explained and easily implemented into practice. My understanding of stroke risk and what to looking for in practice has changed.”
Dr. Rory Turner
Ottawa's Concussion Treatment Centre
“Great online course...one of the better ones that I’ve done in a long time. Given the material is so relevant and pertinent to our profession and the health care industry, I strongly recommend the course. Clear, concise, informative, and provides many take-home tools that you can use in your practice. I enjoyed the course so much I found myself home on Friday night completing sections and then again Saturday morning right back at it. Looking forward to the next series of seminars. Keep up the good work.”
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“I always feel better after attending a RRS Education course. I'm up to date and providing the best care to my patients based on my clinical experience AND the most up to date research. With a busy practise and family life, it would be impossible for me to evaluate the droves of studies that come out. Great job!”
Dr. Shawna Green
Back To Health London
“I had the pleasure of having Dr. Shawn Thistle as one of the regular guest instructors during my time at CMCC. During my time there, I learned a great deal from him, and I always found his approach very impactful in my chiropractic journey. Not surprisingly, when I found out that he had released an E-Seminar format, I was all in. Dr. Thistle’s systematic, evidence-based, and thorough approach to head and neck injuries was a very helpful review and I also gained a lot more insight into how to diagnose and manage these conditions. Additionally, he is very interesting and captivating to listen to! I look forward to new seminars that will be coming down the pipe in near future!”
Dr. Baxter Hickey
Midnapore Health Centre
“Truly an amazing & humbling experience!! Very well-orchestrated & presented. A veritable plethora of new information for me (I graduated in 1977), forcing me to realize that I am for the most part (as are probably most practitioners), sadly out of date with some of the current knowledge relative to the more serious aspects of practice. This course was much more intense than the CCO video/ test we get each year & provided me with far more important information to take back & try to incorporate in my patient assessment procedures.”
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“This was my first e-seminar. I am 25 years in practice. I am not the most ‘savvy’ with tech, but really enjoyed working through this lecture series with the ability to step away/return at my own pace and schedule. Although sobering at times with admission of lack of evidence, Dr. Thistle presents the information coherently, concisely, and with a hint of humility. We need more of this type of seminar, especially to change or tailor our clinical skills as research emerges.”
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“This online program was phenomenal! Dr. Shawn Thistle created a program where his presentation style, quality of information, level of detail, and clinical applications were all excellent! I was extremely impressed!”
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“Great instructional design and delivery, including reinforcement of content throughout. Thorough review of the most up-to-date literature with balanced commentary and ties to relevance for the everyday chiropractor.”
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“The style of presentation was great. The level of detail was perfect. Enough information to get the ideas, but not so much as to be boring or pedantic. Outlines the necessary knowledge and gives the references for further study. I particularly liked the consistent relation of the research and science to clinical application. Everything that was discussed is directly relatable to practice the next day and going forward. The mix of the speaker and the slides was good. The images, diagrams, charts, etc. were fantastic. Very clear, topic specific and high quality.”
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“For an online format, this course was great! Well-presented and very applicable. I have changed my Initial assessment templates to reflect some of issues discussed. For many of these conditions I am applying very similar treatment modalities but have forgotten a few along the way (concussion and cervicogenic dizziness in particular). The Stroke section is a must for all chiros!”
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“Dr. Thistle was professional, polite, poised, sincere, patient, hugely informed, well-paced, calm, and grounded. I felt proud that he was from Toronto, home grown, CMCC alumni and so dedicated to the current cutting-edge research. I am blessed to have this amazing platform after 25 years in this profession, and to learn relevant, modern, hugely interesting content. I was impressed with the quality, the crystal clear simplicity of delivery, the immense effort from him alone, and the approach. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this stimulating and so relevant when I return to my next business day.”
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“Loved this course. The information provided was very relevant and easily presented in an easy to follow, clear manner and I really appreciated the breaks in between segments. It was easy to start and stop the course which was an attractive factor seeing as it can sometimes be hard to get a dedicated amount of time to set aside to finish a course in one sitting. I really appreciated the clinical vignettes at the end, the demonstration videos and the quizzes to integrate all the knowledge presented. I was able to apply a lot of the information right away in practice and it renewed some confidence in myself as a practitioner to manage the various clinical diagnoses presented. I liked the up-to-date research and that the information was presented in a concise, easy-to-follow manner. It was good to also follow along with the PDF slides to add in any notes that would be helpful to refer to at a later date.”
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“I had a fantastic time going through the content in this program. Even though I just graduated in June 2019, I found it very beneficial to review these topics as well as hearing about the most up-to-date research. Also, the FAQ’s at the end of each section was great to have and typically, they answered questions that I did have.”
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“The content and presentation were excellent, which we've become accustomed to with Shawn's seminars. The depth of information was appropriate as well as the level of detail without making you roll your eyes. I particularly enjoyed the presentation style with Shawn talking and the slides provided.”
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“A tremendous learning experience. The quantity of information presented seemed like a lot at times, but it helped to ensure the overall quality of said information. Presentation style was very well done, easy to follow & with enough visual slides to keep the viewer engaged. The level of detail seemed high but was necessary for the viewer to feel comfortable bringing this knowledge into a clinical setting. Finally, all the research provided gave this viewer a strong sense of being 'informed' which can only help in professional practice.”
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“I have taken your in-class courses before, and this was just as incredible. Excellent work Shawn and thank you for doing this virtually!”
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“I found that every aspect of this E-Seminar was excellent. The pace of the presentation was spot on, the sound and video quality were top-notch and the material was not only educational but also highly useful for the next morning in clinic. Definitely the best continuing education seminar that I have taken. Thank you so much!”
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