Purchasing Courses

Go to E-LEARNING in the main menu and choose PURCHASE COURSES to find courses you want and proceed. You will be asked to LOG IN or set up a 'Site Account' if you are new to RRS education. This account allows you to also purchase subscriptions to the Research Reviews or register for Seminars. Please register your account using YOUR FULL NAME as it should appear on any certificates issued from the site.
Using Coupon Codes:
Once you have added all courses to your cart, click on the 'Shopping Cart' icon in the top right corner to make sure all items are listed and make any adjustments if there are duplicates etc.. Insert the discount CODE and click on APPLY before proceeding to 'Check Out'. NOTE: GST/HST is applied at PayPal for Canadian residents. Once the process is completed it may take a few seconds before your Courses show up in your account. Simply go to the 'MY ACCOUNT' link under the 'E-LEARNING' menu tab at the top.

Completing Courses & Getting Your Certificates

  1. Log In and go to the E-Learning Menu tab and choose 'MY COURSES' under that tab.
  2. Click on the course title to enter the courseware work space and proceed through each lesson page using the navigation arrows at the bottom of the lesson page.
  3. Complete the quiz for that course. NOTE: A score of 100% is required to be issued with a certificate. You can repeat the quiz if necessary - there is no limit to the number of times you can take the quiz.
  4. Click on SUBMIT & FINISH.  The next box shows you the quiz and at the top it shows if you achieved 100% and if not it will indicate which answers were incorrect. To redo the quiz you need to click on ‘Reattempt The Quiz’ at the bottom
  5. Do the quiz again to correct any questions and click on SUBMIT & FINISH again.
  6. Click on 'Certificate’ to access and download your certificate.
  7. They can be downloaded immediately or later by using the 'MY CERTIFICATES' menu link in top menu bar or in the left navigation column of the Courses work area.
  8. NOTE: Use the navigation system at the bottom of each lesson and Quiz to find what you are looking for.

NOTE for Ontario Chiropractors

The following Online Courses fulfill the new CCO requirement for '5 mandatory structured hours consisting of diagnostic or therapeutic procedures related to any of the controlled acts within the chiropractic scope of practice'.
  • Cervical Radiculopathy & Disc Herniation 101 (Single Course & also included in Bundle #8)
  • LBP Diagnostics & Assessment 101 (Single Course & also included in Bundle #12)
  • Lumbar Disc Herniation 101: Centralization, Directional Preference & Physical Exam (Single Course & also included in Bundle #7)
  • Management of Lumbar Radiculopathy: Clinical Research (Single Course & also included in Bundle #10)
  • Neck Pain & Cervical SMT: Important Studies (Single Course & also included in Bundle #11)
  • Neurological Differential Diagnosis 101 (Single Course & also included in Bundle #7)
  • Spinal Manipulation & Stroke 101: Important Studies (Single Course & also included in Bundle #8)
  • Sports Medicine 103: Foot & Ankle (Single Course & also included in (Bundle #8)
  • Sports Medicine 104: Miscellaneous Conditions (Single Course & also included in Bundle #9)

Notes About Certificates

blue checkmark smallDATES shown on certificates reflect the date you successfully completed the quiz and passed the course.
blue checkmark smallAlberta Chiropractors: ONLY the 8-hour Bundles are approved by the ACAC. Therefore, you MUST complete all 8 quizzes in each Bundle and submit the Final Certificate showing the Bundle title with a list of the 8 individual Courses within it.
blue checkmark smallIMPORTANT: The name, address & practitioner licence# on your certificate will be exactly as you set up your account information the first time you bought courses. If it is not complete or needs editing, please:
  1. LOG IN to the RRS Education main site.
  2. Choose 'MY COURSES' under E-LEARNING in the main menu at the top. Click on any course title to take you to the courseware work space. Under your user icon in top right corner there are links to various items. Choose 'Profile' and then 'Edit' in the box and make any changes necessary.
blue checkmark smallIf you experience difficulty please Contact Tech Support.