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Purchasing Courses & E-Seminars

If you have a site account please LOG IN first and go to ONLINE COURSES in the main menu, choose PURCHASE COURSES and proceed OR set up an Account during the purchase process. This account allows you to also purchase subscriptions to the Research Reviews or register for LIVE Seminars. Once courses are in your account they remain there forever. You can complete them whenever you need the credits.
Using Coupon & Voucher Codes:
Once you have added courses to your cart, click on 'Check Out', then make sure all items are listed and make adjustments if there are duplicates etc. and proceed. Insert the code where indicated. You may use one Coupon OR Voucher Code per order...NOT BOTH! Once the process is completed it will take a few seconds before your Courses show up in your account. While logged in, click on the 'MY COURSES' menu tab at the top.
NOTE: GST/HST applied at PayPal for Canadian residents.

Completing Single Courses / Bundles & Getting Your Certificates

  1. Log In and click 'MY COURSES' in the top main menu.
  2. Click on the Course title to enter the course-ware work space.
  3. Please READ the INSTRUCTIONS, found in the top menu, before you start.
  4. Proceed through each lesson page in the order it is presented.
  5. Complete quizzes with passing score. You can repeat the quiz if necessary with no limit to the number of attempts.
  6. Click on SUBMIT & FINISH. The next box shows you the quiz and at the top it shows if you achieved 100%.....if not you will need to click on ‘Reattempt The Quiz’. Complete the quiz to correct any questions and click on SUBMIT & FINISH again.
  7. SINGLE COURSE CERTIFICATES: Click on the Certificate title at the bottom of the Course page. On that page you must click on 'View Certificate' to fully complete the process. Once you have viewed it wait a couple of minutes and then click on the 'MY CERTIFICATES' link in the top menu where it will be listed with a 'Download' icon over to the right of the title.
  8. BUNDLE CERTIFICATES: All lessons in all 8 courses must be opened and quizzes completed with 100% passing score before the system will generate a FINAL Certificate showing the Bundle Title and a list of all 8 Courses in it. Go to 'MY CERTIFICATES' in the Top Menu and choose the Bundle title to locate the certificate. Bundles NOTE: To get the Final Certificate for one of the Bundles you must complete all courses in the Bundle, making sure all the individual lesson boxes, to the right of the Lesson Titles in each Course, are checked, and then go to the top menu to 'MY CERTIFICATES' where a list of all available certs is listed for download. It usually takes 2-3 min. to get a date to appear on the certs after the last quiz is completed with a 100% passing grade, in the last course in the Bundle.

Completing E-Seminars & Getting Your Certificates

  1. Log In and click 'MY COURSES' in the top main menu.
  2. Click on the E-Seminar title to enter the course-ware work space.
  3. You must complete each component of the E-Seminar in the order presented to obtain your certificate of completion. For video sections, you must view the entire video to proceed to the next section. Once a video is viewed completely, you will be automatically directed to the next one. Once you have completed all E-Seminar sections, case vignettes (if applicable) and quizzes, you can review all E-Seminar sections as you wish.
    RRS Education E-Seminars can be completed on your schedule. Our system will remember and track your progress, but to ensure accuracy, we recommend completing a given section (whether a video, quiz, or case vignette) before logging out of our system..
  4. Proceed through the video segments in the order presented. Once you finish watching one through to the end, the next one will open automatically.
  5. Complete quizzes in the order presented with passing score. You can attempt as often as necessary to obtain a passing grade.
  6. Certificates can be downloaded after completion. NOTE: The system takes up to 3 min. to process a dated certificate for download. You can also go to the MY CERTIFICATES link in the top menu of the course-ware workspace and download it at any time.

Information on Your Certificate

Important: The name, address, practitioner licence number and other information on your certificate will be exactly as you set up your user account information when you first registered to purchase courses. If it is not complete or correct, please:
  1. LOG IN to the RRS Education main site.
  2. Choose 'MY COURSES' in the main menu at the top.
  3. Click on any course title to get into the Course-ware interface
  4. Choose ‘Profile’ in the drop-down choices under your account icon in upper right corner (little arrow) and then 'Edit profile’ to add or edit information. Scroll down to the bottom of that page to ‘Licence Information’ to add ‘your Practitioner's Licence’ and ‘Licence State’ as required. SAVE!

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