Foot & Ankle 102: Clinical Miscellaneous / 1 Credit

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Learning Objectives:
  1. Describe the foot core subsystem and relevant assessment and rehabilitation methods
  2. Examine the biomechanical mechanisms that may be involved in the foot-to-low back relationship, and how foot orthoses might be used to manage low back pain
  3. Justify the addition of manipulative therapy to rehabilitation in the management of recurrent ankle sprain with functional instability
  4. Demonstrate the effect unilateral immobilization of the ankle joint has on low back loading while lifting
  5. Compare the effectiveness of plantar fascia-specific stretching to high-load strength training in patients with plantar fasciitis
Course Reviews:
  1. The Foot Core System: A Paradigm for Understanding Intrinsic Foot Muscle Function +MP3
  2. Management of Foot Posture, Leg Length Discrepancy & Low Back Pain with Foot Orthoses +MP3
  3. Manipulative Therapy & Rehabilitation for Recurrent Ankle Sprain with Functional Instability +MP3
  4. Unilateral Ankle Immobilization Alters Kinematics & Kinetics of Lifting +MP3
  5. High-Load Strength Training for Plantar Fasciitis +MP3
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