An enjoyable and interactive way to catch up with colleagues and discuss important clinically-relevant topics.
Developed by Dr. Shawn Thistle for Chiropractors, Osteopaths & Physiotherapists
  • Comprehensive discussion on interesting & relevant clinical topics.
  • Balanced & practical blend of patient preference, clinician experience & rational integration of contemporary evidence into daily practice.
  • Seamless integration of current, high-quality scientific literature with real-life clinical application.
  • Registration includes course materials, light breakfast, delicious all-day snacks & lunch with wine / beer.
Thank you for an informative seminar. Your review, comprehension and presentation of chiropractic-relevant research is first class. I appreciate your continued dedication to our profession. ~ Dr. Mary-Ann Goldhawk-Balcom ... read more
Dr. Thistle provides a thorough presentation of the latest research and evidence to inform our clinical practice. Every clinician will walk away with something they can incorporate into practice on Monday! ~ Dr. Sasha Hamid ... read more